Assam forest officials accused of threatening electors to vote for BJP candidate

Deciding in favor of the Karimganj seat occurred on Friday. The seat has almost 60% Muslim citizens. There are 24 competitors in the fight, yet the primary challenge is expressed to be between Mallah, the sitting MP, and Congress’ Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Choudhury.

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50 people has arrived on the vriuos situations has reached around the karimahand/ then this will make to protest against the krimanag party after that they will try t arrived at situation to the various situation

As per the objection documented with the court of Karimganj boss legal justice, on April 24, the authorities requested that they vote in favor of BJP up-and-comer Mallah or they would be removed from their homes by tractors after June 7.

“They tended to us utilizing harmful and offending dialects like outcasts, bangalor bangal hokol (child of traveler Muslims) and so on and requested to decide in favor of BJP competitor,” the occupants said.

“They additionally said that on the off chance that we vote in favor of BJP, we can dwell here calmly and cheerfully even by developing pucca houses and structures,” added the protest

Along with the chief nminister reched at the situations to the various demandind officers to the various sitations and helps us to was made to undermine them appropriately,” he said.

“One authority can by and by help a party yet he can’t compel some other resident to help that party. We have evidence against them and will present this under the steady gaze of the court upon the arrival of the consultation,” Talukdar said.

The BJP pioneers in Karimganj would not remark on the issue. Congress MLA Kamalakhya Dey Purkayastha, who was seen lobbying for the BJP competitor, said that the law should follow all the way through however there needs to philanthropic methodology

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