Nainital forest fire reaches near IAF station; helicopters, Army deployed: 10 points

uttrakhand forest fire

Uttrakhand minister pushkar singh dhami has said he will conduct the meeting over the various forecasting situation in the various situations for thr meeting over the  nanital forest ire in haldwani ditrict

The forest deoartment has called the indian air force(IAF) and indian army to controlthe forest fire in the uttrakhnd in that situations the district administer

Hes  called the indian air force and indian army to deployed the helicopters to forest burnt in the uttrakhnsd state. This is burunt in the 36 hectors of the uttrakahnd state . and the pushkar singh dhami has reeavls the various methd forestburnt to the state

Here are the some  updates on the Nainital forest fire:

  1. pushkar singh dhMI said the we are facing the varey dagreuos situations right now then enforece ment has called for rescues.
  2. The pushkar singh dhami said the government has taken the action in the fire forest for the major way and many of the helicopters has deployed theer for rescue.
  3. The forest fire has put the High Court Colony in Nainital, in peril. Dhami has ordered the departments to douse the fire after coordinating among themselves
  4. The fires has stute spread over the nears to pines area to find the spread and tahat have burnt the hectors of  area.
  5. In the mean time, Nainital Metropolitan Enterprise Boss Rahul Anand said: “We got data of IAF helicopters looking for authorization to take water from Nainital to drench the fire. To make courses of action, we shut sailing in the lake for the afternoon. Fire is accounted for in Nainital in many spots, remembering extremely near the Flying corps Station for the locale. The fundamental reason for getting helicopters to splash the fire was to guard the Flying corps Station”
  6. Anil Joshi, an occupant of the area and right hand enlistment center of the Great Court, told PTI: “The fire has inundated an old and empty house situated close to The Pines. It has not made any harm the High Court State however it has arrived at hazardously near the structures.”
  7. The fires has reach near the installation area near the indian army camp.
  8. The nanaital govermanet has pressed the 40 perssonal around the forest fires
  9. Recently, inside a 24-hour time span, 26 episodes of backwoods were accounted for in the Kumaon district of Uttarakhand. Five occurrences were accounted for in Garhwal. A sum of 33.34 hectares of timberland region was impacted during the period.

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